Well, who doesn't love a sunny yellow cheery sunflower, or two...or GIANT FIELDS that go on for infinity!??? I recently came back from a 2-week road trip with my caravan, I went up to Central Queensland, and west to the Outback, and then to the lovely Darling Downs area (a 90-minute drive from Brisbane), where I found the most amazing sunflower crops imaginable. There is actually a signed and mapped route called The Sunflower Way that you can follow, but I have found more success in driving around randomnly for hours on end, searching for the best location, the best view and the best access. It's quite fun to do this, as small towns like Allora, Clifton, and Nobby have little cafes you can stop at to refresh and coffee-up along the way. I stayed in Warwick, as they have a couple of caravan parks, and it's a good base for the area.

I found some lovely crops in Freestone this year (yes, I tend to head down there every year to see the sunflowers...in recent years I haven't seen huge crops or lots of them) and found sunflowers for miles and miles. Their petals gently swaying in the wind, the gorgeous country sky above, all I can say is WOW. Definitely worth a trip.

Please note though...the crops are all on private land (even unfenced land). The farmers earn income from growing sunflowers, so please be respectful and stay OUTSIDE the crops, like on the edge of the road. Getting inside the crops means you can damage them, trample the stalks, and ruin things for the farmers. I had an unpleasant experience with tourists doing just that, and I just want to remind everyone that we all love the flowers, so it's worth doing the right thing.