Hi, my name is Wanda. First, let me say that the 'W' in my name is pronounced the Polish way, 'V'. My friends call me Von! 

I come from a travelling family: Poland/ UK/ Australia/ Canada. I am a dual Australian/Canadian citizen, and have been living on the Sunshine Coast in Australia since 2000, after spending 4 years travelling and working around Australia (including the magnificent Kimberley region in Western Australia).

Travel was my passion first, and then photography followed. I am fascinated with the culture and sociology of people in different places. I took on a personal challenge to earn a university degree, which I completed, and now I'm a graduate student in business. I've travelled to 7 continents and continue to scrape up my pennies to travel more. 

I never felt creative, but now, armed with a camera, I think I am finally showing my creative side. I love long exposures that make water look peaceful and calm. Photography is my meditation -  to stand in front of a roaring surf on the rocks at sunrise, or listen to the birds waking up and chattering, or looking out over mountains into the horizon.

I'm planning some long-term travel and blogging adventures, so stay tuned!